Why are our taxes so high?

Amherst has a unique challenge. It has approximately 40,000 residents but only about half live on taxable property because of the tax-exempt nature of the colleges and University. The Town provides infrastructure, roads, sidewalks, recreational facilities, public safety services and more to all of these residents but does not get an equivalent amount of tax money. This puts more stress on the Town’s operating budget and its taxpayers.

Town officials are advocating to its State Legislators to reevaluate the State’s Payment in Lieu of Tax Program (PILOT) and specifically to examine the impacts of State Owned Land on Amherst.

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1. Why are our taxes so high?
2. I can’t afford to pay more taxes. How can the Town help?
3. It seems like the Town is taking on a lot right now. Why?
4. What is the Town’s budget and why does it need additional funding for the elementary school?
5. What has the Town done to make sure they are stretching every tax dollar as far as possible?
6. The Town has free cash and stabilization funds. Why not use these funds to reduce the cost of the new elementary school?