What is an Excise Tax Bill?

Excise Tax is an annual state tax for all residents with a car registered in Massachusetts. Your place of garaging per your registration determines which town your bill is generated from. The tax is levied by the town and the revenues become a part of the town’s receipts. The Registry of Motor Vehicles generates the bills from registration information; values set by the Commissioner of Revenue based upon the manufacturer’s list price in the year of manufacture. The tax is $25.00 per one thousand dollars of valuation.

You are still responsible for the tax and late penalties even if you never receive the bill.  These are state regulations, not policies set by the Town.  Massachusetts law states you must file a change of address with the Registry of Motor Vehicles within 30 days.  If the bill (generated by the Registry) has the wrong address and it is returned undeliverable, late fees are still added.  You must aggressively look for your excise bill. AS UNREASONABLE AS THIS SEEMS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TAXES EVEN IF YOU DON’T GET A BILL.  

Please visit our Motor Vehicle Excise Tax page or call the Collector’s Office, 413-259-3020, for more information. 

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