Fee Schedule

Included with commercial are industrial, educational, hotels / motels, dormitories, rooming houses, B&Bs, fraternities, sororities, and agricultural.

Type of Permit
New Buildings, Additions, and Alterations*
  • Up to 1,000 square feet per floor, not the building footprint unless the building is a single story (Does not include service or meters.) - $150
  • Each additional 1,000 square feet gross floor area or major fraction thereof - $100
Alternative Power Generation (e.g. wind
turbines, photovoltaic systems, generators) or transfer equipment
  • First 5 KW - $75
  • Each additional KW - $20
Detached Outdoor Lighting and Signs
(including handholes)
  • First opening - $50
  • Each additional opening - $20
Gas Pumps and Dispensers**
  • First unit - $35
  • Each additional unit - $10
Limited Energy Alarm and Communication Systems
  • First floor - $75
  • Each additional floor - $20
Lighting or Outlet Retrofit (exclusive of other work)
  • First Floor - $150
  • Each additional floor including attic and basement - $45

*If over 75% of the building is involved in the alteration, then the rate for new construction applies.

**This fee is in addition to fees for any and all work done inside the station or surrounding area.