Trail Regulations


Hiking trails can be fragile. Regulations are intended to prolong the life of these trails while allowing a variety of appropriate uses.

Trail Limitations and Usage

While motorized vehicles are prohibited from all trails, the following trails or sections of trails are off limits to horses and mountain bikes because of seasonally wet conditions or fragile soils: 

Hitchcock Grant Work 22_thumb.JPG

  Elf Meadow
  Norman Cousins - Kestrel Trust (Access trail 
  from Leverett Road) 
  Larch Hill & Larch Hill North
  Upper & Lower Mill River   Hop BrookWentworth Farm
  Podick & Katharine Cole   Brickyard - Northern link to Norwottuck Rail Trail

  Mt. Castor Upper Fort River

  Gralenski Farm, Houston & Gage Parcels - Shutesbury
  Lower Fort River   Robert Frost Trail - Lawrence Swamp Section, Amherst
  Woods Section, Echo Hill Section, Mill River Section, &
  Eastman Brook Section
  Plum Brook - North, Central & South   KC Trail - Amherst Woods Section, Mt. Castor Section, &  
  Shays Street to Middle Street Section
  Cider Mill Pond & King's Reserve  


The following trails or section of trails are open to horses and mountain bikes with the precaution that during wet conditions horses and mountain bikes stay off until trails are dry again:

  Wildwood   Sweet Alice
  Atkins Flats - Well No.4 Road and woods road
  to Warren Wright Road
  Mt. Holyoke Range   Pulpit Hill
  Amethyst Brook   Robert Frost Trail - Holyoke Range Section, Harkness Brook
  Section, Amethyst Brook to Pratt Corner Road Section, Mt.
  Toby Section, & Montague Wildlife Corridor Section
  Plum Springs   KC Trail - Plum Springs Section and Mt. Holyoke Range
     Brickyard - Southern link to Norwottuck Rail Trail

The following areas have no formal trails but are generally dry enough for horse or mountain bike use:

The following areas have no formal trails and are not appropriate for horse or mountain bike use because of wet conditions or other reasons:

  Cushman Brook   Steigner
  Hawley Swamp   Gulliver Meadow
  Longley Swamp   Rolling Ridge
  Salem   Cherry Lane (Robert K. Patterson Area)
  Bayberry   High Point Drive (Cider Mill Pond)
  Hart Farm   Applewood (Markert's Pond)
  Simmons Farm  

Additional Trail Notes

If you encounter a horse and rider on a trail, announce yourself by simply saying “hello” to the rider. This will ensure that the horse is aware of your presence. Do not pat a horse without first asking the rider’s permission.

We encourage trail users to call the Conservation Department at 259-3045 to report any trail maintenance needs they may encounter.