Housing Trust Action Planning 2024

This page is a resource for Trust members and community members  meant to inform our 2024 action planning process. Any listed links or resources may inform this effort, but should not be construed as part of any formal plans. 

Key Reading In Rough Order of Importance - January '24
Document Notes
1.11.24 Housing Trust Overview by Shelly Goehring, Mass Housing Partnership- Slides, and recording to follow. This a great overview of Trusts generally by statewide expert and action planning consultant Shelly Goehring from the 1 .11.24 meeting of the Trust.
Original Trust Strategic Plan This is worth reviewing in its entirety 
2024 Review of old Strategic Plan This is a review of what has and has not been accomplished in the old  plan
Town Comprehensive Housing Policy This 2019 document was developed and endorsed by Town Council, with significant input from the Trust and others. It's meant in part to synthesize various other objectives, plans and resources, including the 2013 Housing Production Plan, and 2018 Trust Strategic Plan, and Town Master Plan. It also outlines some measurable goals. (10 pages, plus appendices)
2013 Amherst Housing Production Plan This is comprehensive "Housing Production Plan" (State definition and guidance here) that explores demographics, housing demand, obstacles and strategies, as well as some specific potential sites for  new affordable development. As a 10 year old document, this plan is useful historic context but demographic and housing vacancy data, etc. are out of date. Strategies, sites etc., may be more useful for planning purposes.
Program Guidelines This is the established funding criteria for the trust.
Comprehensive Housing Market Study -2015 This detailed study 1) makes a comparative demographic analysis of Amherst to neighboring communities, 2) offers a market analysis and 3) makes recommendations. It is not limited to deed-restricted affordable housing, but looks at the market as a whole. Though somewhat dated, the recommendations remain relevant, as does much of the analysis. Executive summary is 9 pages, and the full study is 125 pages.
June 20th Listening Session Summary This is a summary of a public feedback session co-sponsored by the Trust, featuring valuable perspectives from Amherst residents.
Affordable developments supported by Town of Amherst -1988-2023 This is a list of investments made by Amherst (including the Trust) into affordable development and rehab efforts.
List of All Affordable Units in Amherst - Draft This is a list of all affordable rental units in Amherst, with unit size and affordability level. Future versions will  include additional information on developers, dates, etc.
List of all Trust Expenditures Coming Soon!
General Housing & Housing Trust Resources
Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Fund Operations Manual, 2023  This  manual, produced by Mass Housing Partnership, highlights key roles Housing Trusts can play,  regulatory obligations, and best practices. It also has examples of successful initiatives.
Housing Toolbox This excellent MA-specific resource hosts a wide range of info on all things municipal affordable housing, including Trusts but also well beyond. Start here with the random questions. 

For example, our 1/11 meeting included questions about "Housing Service Organizations"- see here for an overview of those.