Practice Groups

Aligning with our mission, the Amherst United Swim schedule is set up to encourage swimmers to be students first and foremost. We also hope that our swimmers will try multiple sports throughout their lives while continuing to love the sport of swimming. And lastly, we set up our training to enable athletes to explore other interests in their lives including the arts, music and friendships!

Gold group - elementary age swimmers

Three, one hour practices a week with high levels of technical instruction in all four competitive strokes (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle). Practices are scheduled after caregivers work day.

Maroon GROUP - middle and high school AGE SWIMMERS

Three, ninety minutes practices per week during the academic school year. The Maroon group trains across the season with a focus on the arc of the racing season, a mind to individual as well as team goals and attention to the mental health benefits of participating on a swim team.

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