Practice Groups

Aligning with our mission, the Amherst United Swim schedule is set up to encourage swimmers to be students first and foremost. We also hope that our swimmers will try multiple sports throughout their lives while continuing to love the sport of swimming. And lastly, we set up our training to enable athletes to explore other interests in their lives including the arts, music and friendships!

Gold groups 1 & 2 - elementary age swimmers

Elementary age swimmers - three, one hour practices a week with high levels of technical instruction in all four competitive strokes (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle). Practices are scheduled after caregivers work day. 

In an effort to offer the highest quality of instruction in the safest possible environment, the gold group will be split in two. Your swimmer’s placement will be based on age, developmental level and in an effort to ensure that they are with friends at practice!

We are flexible! On average, we hope that swimmers will join the group they have been assigned to but we know that life gets in the way. If your swimmer cannot make one of their assigned practices and another day is more convenient – we will always welcome your swimmer at any gold practice! Our aim is to ensure that there are no more than four swimmers per lane so that the level of coaching and space to train is kept at a high level.

During our meet season, Saturday Gold practices will be interrupted by our competition schedules. On week’s that you swimmer is missing a practice, due to a meet – your swimmer will be welcome at a make-up practice as your schedule allows.

Maroon GROUP - middle and high school AGE SWIMMERS

Middle and High School age swimmers - Three, ninety minutes practices per week during the academic school year immediately following the school day. The Maroon group trains across the season with a focus on the arc of the racing season, a mind to individual as well as team goals and attention to the mental health benefits of participating on a swim team.

We hope that many of the Maroon swimmers will be participating in Amherst High School’s Swim Team once the season begins after the Thanksgiving holiday. We also hope that Maroon swimmers will continue to compete at United meets during the winter season, as their schedule allows.

Teal GROUP - SWIMMERS interested in both Rec & USA swimming

Swimmers of any age - multiple practice options available for this group to provide maximum flexibility so as to experience the best that Rec and US swimming has to offer. These swimmers will have a prorated fee for participation in Amherst United, with the understanding that a portion of their time and expenses will be dedicated to their US experience. 

While we understand that US swim meets will be prioritized, we hope that Teal swimmers will participate in Amherst United swim meets when it is convenient.

US practices will take the focus of teal swimmers but they are welcome at either Maroon and Gold practices depending on their schedules. We hope that this flexibility allows teal swimmers to experience the best of both worlds.

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