FEMA Mapping Project - 2022

Almost ten years ago the Town began the processing of updating its Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) in order to have more accurate information about the areas in town subject to flooding.  FIRM maps are approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and used by landowners, banks and lending institutions, the Amherst Conservation Commission, the Planning Board and others.  The current FIRM maps in Amherst have not been updated since the 1980's.

The revision process was led by consultants AECOM who performed the technical aspects of the project as well as communicating with FEMA to ensure that the process and maps meet the federal standards.  The proposed maps use accurate topography, the most up-to-date FEMA regression analysis, and data collected through the 2010's.  

The FEMA Mapping Project is in the final step - approval by the Town of the four parts to the project:

1. The Flood Insurance Rate Study

2. The Flood Insurance Rate Maps

3. Local Flood Regulations--proposed Article 16 FEMA Flood Overlay District in the Zoning Bylaw

4. The overlay district--that will be incorporated into the Official Zoning Map


Current 1980's Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM):

AreaFEMA IDMapEffective Date
North Amherst2501560005CDownload Map12/15/1983
South Amherst2501560010BDownload Map04/04/1981

2022 FEMA Mapping Project:

The proposed FIRM maps and Flood Insurance Study have been preliminarily approved by FEMA and have an adoption date of February 9, 2023.  These documents can be viewed online at the FEMA Flood Map Service Center, or downloaded here:

2023 Flood Insurance Rate Study

2023 Flood Insurance Rate Maps (very large files, will take time to view and download)

In order to remain eligible in the FIRM program, the Town must adopt local regulations.  These regulations are proposed as 

Article 16, FEMA Floodplain Overlay District

Article 2, adding the overlay district to the Official Zoning Map

Article 3, include a reference to the proposed Article 16

2022 Maps

  • Pending FIRM Maps: A set of 10 detailed draft FIRM tiled maps. When you click on a map tile below, it will launch the map from FEMA's website.
  • Interactive Comparison Map: Compare the 1983 FEMA Flood Zone boundaries to those of the Pending Flood Zone boundaries.