Valley Green Energy Working Group


In 2018, the Town of Amherst, in partnership with the City of Northampton and Town of Pelham came together in a shared commitment to act on the threats of climate change.  They created a task force whose charge was to consider the feasibility, risks, opportunities, and potential effectiveness of using the state’s existing municipal aggregation law to reduce greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions. 

The task force consisted of staff representatives and resident community members from each municipality. The group engaged in extensive research on various CCA models (particularly those in the state of California), interviews with industry experts and outside funders. Leaders of the three communities signed a Memorandum of Understanding in June of 2022 in order to engage the services of a leading industry consultant, Mass Power Choice, to develop and implement the Community Choice Aggregation. The task force is now the Valley Green Energy Working Group.  Information and updates on the progress of this effort may be found in the meeting minutes and document links on this webpage. 

Valley Green Energy Working Group Members

Name Designation Voting Status
Stephanie Ciccarello, Facilitator Town of Amherst Sustainability Coordinator Voting
Chris Mason City of Northampton Energy Coordinator Voting
Tom Thompson Town of Pelham Voting
Andra Rose Amherst Community Member Non-voting
Darcy DuMont Amherst Community Member Non-voting
Sam Titelman Amherst Community Member Non-voting
Adele Franks Northampton Community Member Non-voting