Bylaw Review Committee

Committee Charge

Type: Ad Hoc
Authority: Amherst Home Rule Charter Section 10.7(v)
Appointing Authority: Town Council President
Number of Voting Members: Five (5)
Term of Appointment: One (1) Year
Special Municipal Employees: Yes

Committee Members

Name Appointed
Expiration Designation
Alisa Brewer
2019 2020 Town Councilor
Patricia De Angelis 2019 2020 Town Councilor
Bernie Kubiak
2019 2020 Prior Committee Member
Bob Ritchie
2019 2020 Prior Committee Member
Evan Ross
2019 2020 Town Councilor

Authority: Section 10.7(v) of the Amherst Home Rule Charter adopted on March 27, 2018 requires the Town Council to create a Bylaw Review Committee. This Committee will succeed the Bylaw Review Committee created under Section 10.7(u) of the Amherst Home Rule Charter. 

In accordance with the Town Charter, the purpose of the Bylaw Review Committee shall be to: “review the Town bylaws for the purpose of preparing such revisions and amendments as may be necessary to bring them into conformity with the provisions of this Charter.” 

The committee may consult with appropriate staff, boards, committees, and members of the public and also review the bylaws to determine whether they are serving their intended purposes, making recommendations to the Town Council. The review shall be conducted under the supervision of the Town Attorney, or by special counsel appointed for that express purpose. 

Membership: The Bylaw Review Committee shall consist of 5 members; 3 from the prior Bylaw Review Committee, and 2 Town Councilors. In the absence of a previous bylaw review committee member, an additional Councilor would replace them to make a total of 5 committee members.

Reports: The committee shall submit a report, with recommendations, within 1 year following its creation and may submit interim reports with recommendations at any time. 

Charge Adopted: December 10, 2018