Community Field Master Plan

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Community Field Master Plan

Overview of Project

The FY2018 CPA Proposal requested funding for the development of a strategic master plan focusing on Community Field and the Regional Schools (High School and Middle School) in the town center. Funding would be used for architectural and engineering services to conduct an existing conditions evaluations, program demand assessment  and development of a strategic plan with associated  designs and cost  estimates.

The facilities assessment and evaluation would review current and projected future demand, location and shared use of fields, materials (turf, sod, equipment), landscape constraints and conditions, size of fields, accessibility, other accommodations (restrooms, seating), parking and overall ability of facility to serve the community.  The Plan would also scope out options for improvement and replacement for the various components of the focus area-playground, basketball courts, athletic fields, track and green-space for passive informal recreation.

CPA Proposal 2018

Open Space and Recreation Plan