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The Town Meeting Coordinating Committee created this page is to provide useful links and information to current and future Town Meeting members and other residents interested in Town government.

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Town Meeting-related Events

Upcoming & Recent Events

- See TMCC Events page.

Town Meeting Membership

How to Become a Town Meeting Member - Only 1 signature is required to have your name on the ballot in the Annual Town Election. The deadline for getting your name on the ballot is February 6, 2018. Occasionally there are other openings during the year when a TM member resigns. Call the Town Clerk's office (259-3035) or visit Running for Town Meeting? for more information.

Recent Elections of Town Meeting Members (All in PDF format)

Town Meeting Listserv

- The Town Meeting Coordinating Committee sponsors an informational listserv for Town Meeting Members. To join send an email with your name, email address, and precinct number to

Town Meeting Business

Current warrant and results

Preparing for Town Meeting (PDF) updated Nov. 2016
How to File a Petition Article 2010 (PDF)
How to Bring a Citizen Petition Article to Town Meeting (PDF)
Guidelines for Visual Presentations at Town Meeting (PDF) Fall 2013
Guidelines for Effective Presentations at Town Meeting (PDF) Spring 2012
Rules for Speaking at Amherst Town Meeting (PDF)
Moderator's Frequently Asked Questions for Town Meeting (PDF) 

Town Meeting Archives
See Warrants, Results, and other information from past Town Meetings.

Town Meeting Resources

Family Dependent Care Subsidy (PDF)
Dependent Care Reimbursement Form for Town Meeting Members (PDF)
TMCC List of Information Resources for Town Meeting Members - Spring 2011 (PDF)
TMCC Update November 2012 (PDF)
TMCC Zoning Primer Booklet (PDF)
Town Meeting Tips - Ways you can shorten Town Meeting & Where to get information about warrant articles (PDF)

Local & State Laws

Amherst Town Government Act and General Bylaws
Massachusetts General Laws (external link)

Amherst League of Women Voters

- website (all external links)
Town Meeting Handbook 2007-2012 (PDF)
"They Represent You" - contact information for elected officials (PDF)
Town Meeting Members - contact information (PDF)
Your Amherst Government (PDF)
Understanding Municipal Finance - currently unavailable on LWV website

Jones Library

- List of Town Meeting-related materials available in the Reference Department

TMCC Events

- Available at Meetings on Demand at Amherst Media (external link)

Information on Upcoming Articles

  • The Select Board, Finance Committee, and Planning Board all discuss various upcoming articles in the months before Town Meeting. Viewing the discussion by these boards can give us all a more complete understanding of the articles.All of their meetings are video recorded by Amherst Media and can be viewed on cable Channel 17 or on the computer via Amherst Media’s Meetings On Demand. (external link)

Town Meeting Suggestions

Do you have a suggestion related to Town Meeting? Click here to send it to the Town Meeting Coordinating Committee. There is also a suggestion box on the back table in the Middle School Auditorium during Town Meeting sessions.

Town Board & Committee Information

If you are interested in serving the Town of Amherst in any capacity, please complete and submit a online-only Citizen Activity Form . This information will be made available to the various appointing authorities for consideration: Select Board, Town Manager, and Moderator.
Boards and Committees
Complete Committee List and Membership (PDF)
Appointed Committee Handbook (PDF)
Massachusetts' Open Meeting Law (external link)
Special Municipal Employee Process (PDF)
Special Municipal Employee Memo from the Select Board (PDF) 2/5/2007

Other Links & Information

Zoning Primer (PDF) updated by TMCC 2013
Zoning Map (PDF - 1.6 MB)
Zoning By-Law
Upcoming Zoning - See Zoning Subcommittee page
Master Plan
Master Plan Map Gallery
Planning Amherst Together Survey Results
Public Web-Based GIS
Town Organizational Chart (PDF)
Annual Town Reports
Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Information
Budget Process (PDF)
Data Book (2002) and Amherst Facts (PDF)

Housing-related Studies

- For the convenience of Town Meeting members and the public, links to these studies are temporarily included here.
2013 Housing Market Study - RKG Memorandum of Preliminary Results
2013 Housing Production Plan Part 1 Narrative
2013 Housing Production Plan Part 2 Presentation
1993 Housing Impact Report

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