The APLS-SAFE Program is only possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of our instructors. So you may better know who is working with the program, this page is dedicated to telling you a little bit about our instructors.

Dave Dion Bob Flaherty Gary Flynn
Chris Goodhind Ryan Gwyther John Ingram
JP Kennedy Mike Konetzny Monica Moriarty
Jeff Olmstead Jessica Pronovost Sarah Roe
Jason Rushford

Dave Dion


ID: 17

Bob Flaherty


ID: 9

Gary Flynn
Firefighter/Intermediate Gary came to Amherst in 2000 from eastern Massachusetts. After completing his Associate of Science degree in Urban Forestry, he graduated UMASS with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry.

He began with as a firefighter with the Call Force here in Amherst, joining the Permanent Force in 2005. In 2006, he completed his advanced-level EMT training at Greenfield Community College.

Gary enjoys outdoor activities and loves to cook.


ID: 14

Chris Goodhind
Firefighter/Paramedic Although Chris was raised in Gill, MA, both his parents are Amherst natives. He graduated from Turners Falls High School and completed his paramedic training at Greenfield Community College. Chris also received his Associate's Degree in Fire Science Technology at GCC in 2007.

Chris completed training from the Mass Firefighting Academy as a Public Fire and Life Safety Educator. He teaches CPR and First Aid and is a certified AHA Basic Life Support Instructor.

Even though Chris has extensive training in fire/rescue services, his activity of choice is teaching in the SAFE program.


ID: 7

Ryan Gwyther
Firefighter / Paramedic Ryan was raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and attended Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona where he earned his BA in Outdoor Education in 1996.

After working with various programs such as Outward Bound, he returned to North Carolina and began working as a paramedic in Charlotte in 2000. Later, after 3 years in Tucson, AZ, Ryan and his family have settled in Pelham. He started at Amherst Fire in January of 2006.

Ryan's main hobbies are keeping up with his two daughters and trying to squeeze in a few days rock climbing whenever possible.


ID: 6

John Ingram
Captain/Intermediate John was born and raised in Amherst; his elementary school years were at Marks Meadow. He started as a firefighter with the Call Force in 1988 (the same year he graduated Amherst Regional High School). He joined the Permanent Force in 1993. He was promoted to Captain in 2008.

John received a Master of Arts in Fire Science and Administration from Anna Maria College in 2003. He also completed training from the Mass Firefighting Academy as a Public Fire and Life Safety Educator.

John is one of our original SAFE instructors.


ID: 1

JP Kennedy
Firefighter / Paramedic JP grew up in a family of volunteer firefighters from Whately, MA; he started himself at the age of 16. He became an Emergency Medical Technician while still in high school. He attended two years at UMASS in Engineering but left to devote himself to a paramedic program in New Hampshire.

At the age of 30, he joined the Amherst Fire Department. He has been in the SAFE program for 5 years.

JP's hobbies include boating, fishing and snowmobiling.


ID: 5

Mike Konetzny


ID: 19

Monica Moriarty
Firefighter / Paramedic Monica is originally from Agawam, MA. She attended Cathedral High School in Springfield. She graduated from Springfield College with a BS in Sports Biology. She was involved in many community programs during her college years, as well as "crew" (that's team rowing!).

During the summer months, you will find Monica at Six Flags amusement park working as a paramedic and lifeguard. She started with Amherst Fire in 2006.

Monica enjoys traveling, adventuring outdoors, hiking, running and especially white water rafting.


ID: 4

Jeff Olmstead
Captain/Paramedic Jeff began firefighting in 1985 after enlisting in the Massachusetts Air National Guard; he served in the Guard until his retirement in 2005 after 20 years of service.

In 1990, he joined the South Deerfield Fire Department and Deerfield Rescue Ambulance Service. He has also been a member of the Northfield Dive Team.

Jeff came to Amherst Fire Department in 1994 and was promoted to Captain in 2002. He has been with the SAFE program since 2001.

Jeff' enjoys spending time with his son Ryan, skiing and scuba diving.


ID: 8

Jessica Pronovost


ID: 20

Sarah Roe
Firefighter/Paramedic Sarah was born in Cork City, Ireland. At age 23, she emigrated to the United States. In 1993, she entered the field of Emergency Medical Services. She joined the Amherst Fire Department in 1999. She is a Nationally Registered Paramedic (NREMT-P) and holds an Associate's Degree in Paramedic Technology.

Sarah is actively involved in community education, through both the Fire Department and the Cooley Dickinson Hospital. She is an American Heart Association instructor for CPR/AED, First Aid, First Responder and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). She is also the Advanced Life Support Coordinator for the Fire Department.

Sarah is a devoted mother of two children. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Humor and laughter are her greatest forms of relaxation.


ID: 11

Jason Rushford
Dispatcher/EMT Jason is a full-time Dispatcher in the Amherst Communications Center.

He was born and raised in Orange MA, and graduated from Mahar Regional High School. Starting as a Fire Explorer in 1997, Jason was appointed a Call Firefighter in 1999 in the Orange Fire Department, and then promoted to Lieutenant in 2005.

He attends classes from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, is certified as an Ice Rescue Technician, and is a member of Orange Fire's Water/Ice Rescue Team and Auto Extrication Team.

Jason enjoys watching football, baseball, and being outdoors.