Public Transportation, Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

  • Reviewing all proposals concerning public transportation policy
  • Advising the Select Board and the Town's representative on the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA)
  • Reporting to the Town Meeting on any article that concerns public transportation
  • Conducting specific studies concerning public transportation
  • Giving advice to the Select Board and to the Town Meeting on policy concerning public transportation


*The Board is composed of 7 members, serving 2 -year terms, and are appointed by the Select Board. The Committee calls for its voting members to include, as possible, 1 member to represent the perspective of the handicapped citizens and 2 members to represent the Town's cyclists. Otherwise, a spread of members among different geographical areas in Town is desirable.
Member Year Appointed Term Expiration
Aaron Hayden, Chair 2015 2018
Kimberly Tremblay 2015 2018
Karen Jones 2014 2017
4 Vacancies