Policy Statement

The Amherst Police Department shall treat all persons in an equal, fair and respectful manner, regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, occupation, national origin, or immigration status. This shall be the case regardless of whether the person is a crime victim, suspect, witness, or simply a person in need of police services. Skin color, language, accent, or other individual traits shall not be considered an element in building reasonable suspicion or probable cause, unless these descriptions are pertinent in developing a suspect, such as when we rely on witness or victim recollection of a suspect, and they use such descriptions of skin color, language, accent or other individual trait.

Skin color, language, accent, or other individual traits will not be used as a basis for disparate treatment by individual sworn or unsworn personnel of the police department. A person’s right to file a report, participate in police-community activities, or otherwise benefit from police services shall not be contingent upon citizenship or immigration status. We value the diversity of our community, and strive to maintain partnerships and positive relationships with the community to improve the quality of life of all persons who visit or call the town of Amherst home.