Residential Rental Permitting - Parking Plans

A parking plan is required for all new rental permit applications.

The following types of plans can be submitted:
Information Required On Your Parking Plan
Existing Parking Without Changes:
  • Title Block with address, scale and date prepared
  • Property boundaries
  • Existing Driveways and sidewalks
  • Dwellings and structures
  • Existing and proposed parking space with dimensions
  • Existing and proposed landscape areas (i.e. note grass or paved areas on plan)
Additional Information for New or Changed Parking Areas:
  • Fencing or screening
  • Site feature such as large trees, slopes and rock
    Note: New or enlarged parking areas of 5 or more spaces shall include information to demonstrate compliance with the Design Standards of the Zoning Bylaw.
What Does a Parking Plan Look Like?
Example parking plans:

Existing Parking Area

Parking Plan Example

With Changes Proposed to Parking Area

Parking Plan Example With Improvements