Residential Rental Property Permitting

Amherst Rental Permitting
Registration of residential rental properties is required in the Town of Amherst.
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Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Team!

Notices & Announcements

  • Rental Permit Renewal - Current rental permits expire on June 30, 2023.
  • Rental Permit Fee Schedule Change - As of 5/2/22, the fee schedule for Rental Permitting has changed. The fee per parcel registered is now $250. Parcels that are owner-occupied and with no more than 6 units will still be charged the old fee of $100.
  • Mandatory Recycling Plan - All rental properties must have a recycling plan. Use the Rental Residence Recycling Plan form to assist in creating a plan. Also check out Recycling Works, a free assistance program available to help develop or improve a recycling plan.
  • Changes to the 2017 Fire Code - There are changes to the 2017 Fire Code regarding the requirements for outdoor cooking equipment. Be aware of the changes summarized here.
  • Rental Owners and Agents - Sign up here  for rental permit notifications through Notify Me!
  • Property Owners/Managers - Learn more about the Board of Health's Regulations for Refuse Collection and Mandatory Recycling and review resources listed here.


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