Amherst Transfer Station & Recycling Center


The Town of Amherst operates a Transfer Station and Recycling Center, which serves as a collection point for trash and recyclable items for authorized residents of Amherst, Pelham, and Shutesbury. All items accumulated at the Transfer Station are moved to other locations. 

Operating Schedule

The Amherst Transfer Station and Recycling Center is open year-round on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Station is closed on all major holidays. On rare occasions, the station will close the day immediately prior to, or following, a major holiday. When this occurs, closure notices will be posted under News and Announcements on the front page of the town website, on the entry page of the town's recycling website, in Town Hall, at the Department of Public Works office and at the Transfer Station, for at least a week prior to the closing date.

Vehicle Sticker

Use of the Transfer Station requires the purchase of an annual Vehicle Sticker. The Vehicle Sticker fee contributes to the costs of transporting recycling and waste and the many Transfer Station services

Disposal / Recycling Fees

Certain materials require an additional fee to cover a portion of the disposal or recycling cost. Fees are payable by cash or check at the Transfer Station Office at the time of drop-off. Click here for a complete list of fees.
Kitchen Scrap composting
The Amherst Transfer Station offers a food scrap composting program.  The program accepts small amounts of green waste from residents with a valid transfer station sticker.  Commercial food scraps are not accepted.  Click here for our composting guidelines.  Greenwaste  


Leaves, grass clippings and “non woody” prunings may be dropped off at the Transfer Station for no fee.  Woody prunings and debris from trees, shrubs and bushes less than 12 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length may be recycled for a small fee.  A current Transfer Station sticker is required for both.

Transfer Station Services

The Transfer Station offers a number of services and programs.  Fees may apply and some services may be seasonal.  Click here for a printable list.

Products for Sale (cash or check only)

Prepaid Trash Bags

- 33 gallon, blue, 3mil Town of Amherst trash bags - $30 for roll of 10

Backyard Composting Units

- Earth Machine home composting unit - $35 with valid sticker - $60 without sticker

Curbside Recycling Bins

- 14 gallon blue recycle bins - $8

Compost Pails

- 1.9 gallon kitchen compost container - $5

Rain Barrels

60 gallon, industrial plastic, rainwater collector - $65 for Amherst residents/$75 for non-residents - OUT OF STOCK

Sharps/Safe Needle Collection Containers

- 2 1/2 qt. container.  Returnable to the Amherst Transfer Station $5