Recycling - Solid Waste

Mission: To operate a solid waste transfer and recycling facility and to promote programs that are viable alternatives to landfilling.


Due to the recent implementation of the Massachusetts Waste Ban concerning mattress/box spring recycling, the Town of Amherst will be changing its pricing on these items at the Amherst Transfer Station. As of November 1, 2023 there will be a $65 fee for any mattress that doesn’t meet the Department of Environmental Protection’s standards to be recycled.

A mattress or box spring is considered unrecyclable if it is:

  • Excessively torn, punctured, soiled or moldy  
  • Twisted, crushed or broken
  • Wet or frozen 
  • Infested with bed bugs or other pests 
  • Soiled with bodily fluids or chemicals


Determination of whether a mattress or box spring is recyclable will be made by the transfer station staff at the time of drop off.

The rates to recycle mattresses or box spring will remain $20 for a twin/single, $25 for a full/double and $30 for a king/queen. These rates are subject to change. 

Wetness, by far, is the most likely reason a mattress will be charged at the higher rate. Please make an effort to keep them dry before transporting them to the transfer station. 


***Please note, as of July 2023, all online sticker sales must be picked up at the Transfer Station when they are open.


Home composting is a simple way to make a positive impact on the environment. Among its many benefits, home composting decreases household waste shipped to distant landfills, lowers greenhouse emissions, and finished compost is an excellent nutrient-rich soil amendment for plants and trees in your yard, as it improves with water absorption and reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides.  

The Town of Amherst sells deeply discounted Earth Machine® home composting units at the Amherst Transfer Station.  The price is $35 for residents with a valid Transfer Station Sticker, and $60 for those without a sticker.  Only cash or check is accepted, and residents without stickers may enter the transfer station to purchase composting equipment.  1.9 gallon Sure-Close®countertop kitchen compost collection pails are also available for $5.00 each.

Many excellent home composting resources are available online.  Here are some of our favorites to get you started:

Composting_Guide_AVCOG.pdf (

Composting At Home | US EPA

How To Compost at Home | Ask This Old House - Bing video  





Textiles should never go in your trash unless they are wet, moldy or contaminated with oils or hazardous substances. The following items may be placed in any clothing drop box for a chance at a second life: 

Clothing: Tops (t-shirts, blouses, shirts, tank tops), Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Dresses, Outerwear (coats, jackets, blazers), Bottoms (pants, jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts), Suits, Socks, Pajamas, Bras & Underwear, Bathrobes 

Footwear: Shoes, Heels, Flats & sandals, Boots, Sneakers & cleats, Slippers 

Accessories: Hats, Bags (purses, totes, backpacks, duffle bags), Belts & gloves, Ties & scarves 

Linens: Sheets & blankets, Comforters, Towels, Curtains, Aprons, Dish cloths, Table linens

Other:  Stuffed animals, Halloween costumes, Pet beds & clothing 

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