Sidewalk Snow Removal

Snow and/or ice removal from sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner. The Town will send a sidewalk plow around on the routes indicated below within 24 hours after the weather event. Once the Town machine has passed, the resident is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in a passable condition. Enforcement of sidewalk clearing is done by the Inspections Department. Any issues with sidewalks not being cleared can be reported to them at 413-259-3030.

Please refer to the Town Bylaw about Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal located HERE.

For questions about sidewalk route plowing please contact the Public Works Department at 413-259-3050, ext. 0. 

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Amity St. University Dr. South Pleasant St.
Belchertown Rd. Southeast St. Gatehouse Rd.
Boltwood Ave. College St. Main St.
Bridge St. Pine St. East Leverett Rd.
Chestnut St. East Pleasant St. Middle School
College St. Railroad St. South East St.
Cowles Lane

Dickinson St.

East Hadley Rd. Trimwood Ln. South Pleasant St.
East Pleasant St. Fraternity Park Ln. South Pleasant St.
Fearing St. Sunset Ave. North Pleasant St.
Gatehouse Rd.

Gaylord St.

Gray St. Taylor St. Chestnut St.
Hallock Street

High St. Middle School Main St.
Hitchcock Rd.

Larkspur Dr. Wildflower Dr. Old Belchertown Rd.
Lessey St.

Lincoln Ave. Hadley Ct. Amity St.
Main St.- South Side Churchill North East St.
Main St- North Side Sweetzer Park North East St.
Mattoon St. Chestnut St. Triangle St.
McClellan St.

Meadow St. Rt. 116 North Pleasant St.
Mill Lane West St. Groff Park
Montague Rd. Sunderland Rd. Pulpit Hill Rd.
North East St.

North Pleasant St. Cowles Rd. Main St.
North Prospect St.

North Whitney St.

Northhampton Rd. Town Line South Pleasant St.
Northeast St. Main St. Arbor Way
Old Belchertown Rt. 9 Larkspur Dr.
Old Farm Rd. Rt. 9 Wildflower
Pelham Rd. Northeast St. Harkness Rd.
Pine St. N. Pleasant St Bridge St.
Pomeroy Ln. West St. Middle St.
Seelye St.

Shays St. Crocker Farm School South East St.
Shumway St.

Snell St.

South Pleasant St. Snell St. East Hadley Rd.
South Prospect St.

South Whiteney St.

Southeast St. Shays St. South Amherst Cemetery
Southeast St. College St. Main St.
Southeast St. Valley View Dr. Station Rd.
Spring St.

Strong St. East Pleasant St. Maplewood Dr.
Summer St. Montague Rd. end of sidewalk
Sunderland Rd.

Sunset Ave. Fearing St. Amity St.
Taylor St. Mattoon St. High St.
Triangle St. North Pleasant St. Main St.
University Dr. Amity St. Northampton Rd.
West St. East Hadley Rd. Hampshire College
Wildflower Old Farm Rd. Larkspur Dr.