Accessible Trails

TPuffers05_thumb.jpghe Town of Amherst has 4 trails that are accessible to persons with limited abilities:
  • The Kevin Flood Trail off of State Street: This trail is designed for persons with limited sight and brings you to the Robert Francis Bridge and Kevin Flood bench.
  • The Puffers Accessible Path at the south beach of Puffers Pond is designed for fishermen with limited walking abilities and brings you to an accessible fishing area.
  • The Kevin Chase Dimock Trail is at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment. This trail is designed for people with limited walking capabilities. This is the longest accessible trail that the town manages. This trail will bring you to the “popcorn shack”, viewing deck and the Bob McClung bench. The viewing deck and bench provide beautiful views of the Holyoke Range & Bramble Hill Farm.
  • The Orchard Arboretum Accessible Trail at the Orchard Arboretum Conservation Area is our only paved accessible trail. This trail brings you to a few benches that sit in the middle of the arboretum.