Registrars of Voters

Sandra Burgess Email
4 Boltwood Ave.
Amherst, MA
Ph: 413-259-3035 

Responsible for carrying out the election laws of the state and administering state regulations that bear on elections. This involves most of the clerical work connected with maintaining voter registration lists and supervising and tabulating election results. The board also makes policy recommendations with regard to voter registration and petitions for special elections.

Appointment and Term of Office
Massachusetts General Laws require that in every city and town there be a Board of Registrars consisting of the city or town clerk and 3 other persons who, in a town, are appointed by the Select Board. Each member of the Board of Registrars, or a Registrar of Voters, is appointed for a 3 year term. As nearly as possible the members of the board shall represent the 2 leading political parties. The town clerk need not be enrolled in a political party.

Minutes & Agendas
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Member Year Appointed Term Expires
Harry Oldham Brooks (D) 2006 2012
Joyce Crouch (R) 2008 2014
Sandra Burgess, Town Clerk (U) 2006 2012
Roger Webb 2011 2013
*Appointed by Select Board: 4 members / 3-year terms

Last updated February 15, 2010.