Personal Exemptions


Under state law there are several categories of persons who may be eligible for a personal exemption or reduction in their property tax. The deadline for Personal Exemptions is April 1st of each fiscal year

General Qualifications for Personal Exemptions: Applicants must meet age and residency qualifications as of July 1. The applicant must have owned and occupied real estate property in Massachusetts for five years and owned and occupied the current property on July 1 in the year of application. 

Exemptions are granted for 1 year only. An application must be filed each year. The qualifying date for personal exemptions is July 1 of the fiscal year to which it pertains.

  • 41C Elderly Exemption for 65 years of age and older, which has asset and income limitations. 
  • Asset Limitation: Married Couple: $71,379 | Single Person: $51,912 
  • Income: Limitation: Married Couple $46,754  | Single Person: $31,217 
    (Information updated for FY2023)

  • 17 Elderly Exemption for 70 years and older, which has asset limitation and no income limitation. 
  • Asset Limitation of $40,000 (Excluding the Residence) 


  • Veterans Exemptions who have: (name of a few) 
  • 10% or more service-related disability 
  • Been awarded the Purple Heart 
  • Veteran with certificate from Veterans Administration indicating 100% service-related disability. 
  • Spouse of veteran who qualified for exemption at time of their death 


  • 37A Blind Exemption, must have Certificate of Blindness issued from Mass Commission of the Blind. 


  • Clause 50: Residential Improvement to provide elderly exemption. 


  • CPA (Community Preservation Act): Is a fund established for acquisition or preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic resources. Income limited owners may apply for exemption. 


  • Deferral: Option to defer taxes. Applicants must meet income guidelines. Recovery agreement must be entered into by Board of Assessor’s, the applicant, joint owners and if any, mortgage.